BEEZ recognizes that socially responsible materials procurement is an issue that must be addressed throughout the supply chain.  To ensure socially responsible procurement across the board, BEEZ has established a working group to ascertain the status of CSR practices from suppliers to enhance corporate ethics and comply fully with all laws and regulations. Position safety, accident prevention, and environmental preservation as a management priority and practice green procurement and purchasing whenever and wherever possible.  Respect human rights, eliminate discrimination, and improve workplace environments; prohibit forced labor, slave labor, child labor, and unfair low-wage labor.  We maintain the confidentiality of information and respect intellectual property rights.  BEEZ does its utmost to select suppliers and determine actual purchases fairly and on the basis of economic rationality, with consideration for price, quality, capability to provide stable supplies, reliability, and other factors. In making purchases, BEEZ complies with relevant laws and regulations while taking environmental preservation and fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues into account.  BEEZ actively pursues green procurement and purchasing as part of its environmental efforts.