Our customers’ satisfaction, and benefitting society as a whole, is the primary focus of the company. By maintaining a corporate philosophy of contributing to society and developing unsurpassed manufacturing technology, our decisions are based on the greater good of mankind, Incorporating environmental responsibility and the observation of basic human rights into all policies and procedures, ensures an astute corporate environment.

Our core ethics:

Uphold a sense of responsibility, fairness and the highest standards, and always act in accordance with the law to maintain the trust of society.

Venerate human rights, prevent discrimination, improve workplace environments, and provide a fair living wage.

Conduct transactions based on free, just, and transparent market competition.

Prohibit the use of animals in research or testing.

Balance development and sustainability with environmental awareness.

Operate in a safe and responsible manner in respect of the health and safety of employees, customers, trading partners as well as the general community at large.

Never compromise our commitment to health and safety for either profit or production.